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Kitchen cabinet design ideas from Biaggi Cucina. Biaggi Cucina is a manufacturer, distributor of Modern Kitchen Cabinets , Bathroom Vanities, Closets, and Custom furniture. We service our diverse clientele products of the highest quality and attention to detail. Biaggi Cucina is here to redefine standards of excellence. Constantly pushing creative boundaries, identifying and integrating trends and generating value in a sustainable manner with a competitive advantage. Our Designs are inspired by the Italian spirit of innovation and the Brazilian sense of glamour. We pride ourselves on offering our customers responsive, competent and excellent service. Our customers are the most important part of our business, and we work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction, now and for as long as you are our client.


We envision kitchen cabinet design ideas

Over the past 20 years or so, kitchens started to become living spaces where families would spend more time and a lot more was done than just cooking. Newer homes were designed with kitchens as living spaces in mind and so these rooms became larger to better accommodate family and friends.

With today’s busy schedules, mealtimes are often the only times families have to spend time with one another. Biaggi Cucina understands the importance and value of a well-designed kitchen and we provide solutions to make every day you spend in your kitchen a memorable one. Our team of architects and designers will work along with you to carefully configure and design your kitchen to accommodate multiple functions.

While traditional kitchen cabinets tend to be made of one type of wood throughout, modern kitchen cabinets can combine materials like wood, laminates, glass and metal to achieve a more unique feel.

Color is another unique feature in modern kitchen cabinets. While the natural colors of wood veneer are popular in this design aesthetic, so are bold, less traditional colors. Deep reds and blues and fluorescent yellows, oranges and greens can be been seen in more daring modern kitchen designs.

The simplicity of a modern kitchen design allows for a more spacious and airy feel in your kitchen. Therefore this design style is favored among those with lots of windows in their kitchen as well as those with few. Homeowners who are working with small angular spaces may favor the look and function of modern kitchen cabinets as they favor function over ornamentation.

At Biaggi Cucina, we are confident that we can design, manufacture and install the Modern Kitchen of your desire. We are known in Miami as the Miami Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer of Choice.

Why kitchen remodeling is an important decision for all of us? The answer is simple: We spend most of our time these days in the Kitchen. The kitchen has become the extension of the living room. Most Kitchens have a living area adjacent. There is a TV and a sofa close by.

We talk about everything while in the kitchen. We discuss our day, what we have faced during the day and other things.

The kitchen has become the most important room in the house.

Kitchen design trends change fairly rapidly. Some people prefer a traditional look which tends to change by using more natural material that gives warmth. Others prefer a more contemporary kitchen design.

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